Thursday, December 13, 2012

Laying on the cheesiness...thick


 Since it is the last week and our class has officially concluded, Im going to talk about what I have learned in this class and throughout the semester in general....please, hold back the excitement. The first thing I learned was how to use the Sony FS-100 and how important it is to use profile pictures. When doing my first project, I learned the importance of art direction and location scouting. I also learned that it is very hard to workout five peoples' schedules to film. I really enjoyed learning how to use the FS100 and was impressed by the camera's higher shooting quality. During the second project, I learned the importance of image quality and how difficult it is to find actors that fit the type you are looking for. It was a challenge to mimic a shot exactly like the original but my group did a great job. This project was a lot of fun and I was really proud of the completed shot. I learned the most during the third project. This was the most involved project this semester and definitely the most stressful. I learned that you can not expect that everyone will do the jobs they are assigned and must be prepared to have yourself or other group members take over. I learned it is important to be organized and professional...and punctual.  This was also my first experience doing audio and using the marantz mixer. This experience showed me that audio is one of the most important aspects of a production and is much more difficult than I could have ever imagined. I really enjoyed doing an audio and realized that it takes a lot of practice. Overall, I really enjoyed this class and I am really proud of the things I have worked on. 

Also, good luck on your finals.

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