Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Awkward.....a real-ish high school story

I have lost pretty much all respect for MTV since they stopped actually playing music. I've been saying for a while that they should change their name to RTV (Reality Television). They hit on something good when they blazed the path for reality, but it became their new "thing". For the longest time they relied on reality tv's cheap trick of voyeurism to get viewers, so I was skeptical when I heard the they were now starting to venture into the field of fictional programming. I did not think that the minds who thrust Jersey Shore on the world could come up with anything of merit, but I was soon highly surprised. After some praise that my co-workers gave the pilot I was curious to see if there could be any creative minds left working at MTV. Low and behold I believe they have stumbled upon the best teen drama in a while.

Their new high school drama, Awkward. is about an average-ish girl navigating the awkward terrain that is high school. It is surprisingly funny and more accurate then most shows set in high school. One of the things that adds to their believability is that they have a you cast (in comparison to most shows that are based in high school). Though the cast is not actually of high school age, they are the youngest cast portraying high schoolers on tv today. Many shows now a day cast people in the mid to late 20's or even in the their ealy 30's to play high school characters. These actors aren't too far separated from those awkward years of discovering themselves and making mistakes in the hell-ish place people call high school.

The show is seen through the eyes of the main character Jenna sharing her life with her blog readers (MTV actually goes the extra length to publish the blog as a form of interaction with the audience to add to it's growing sense of reliability). The show starts off when Jenna has sex with the popular guy days before school starts but he wants to keep his feelings for her secret from the world. Later that night she has an accident that makes the world think she tried to commit suicide and the rest of the show is the comic incidences that follow after she gains her new title of "That Girl".

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