Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Big Bang Theory

Here's a show that I've been nonstop addicted to. I always saw the previews before and never thought about watching it until two weeks ago.

It's about a group of friends who work together in the science department as physicists, astronomers, or engineers at a university. Anyways, Leonard and Sheldon live together and this girl, Penny, moves across the hall from them. While playing the clich├ęs that the nerdy kid wants the hot cheerleader throughout this series, the whole series focuses on the development of these characters. All of them extremely hilarious and I don't think I've watched an episode without laughing out loud.

The writers of this show are complete genius' by staying completely true to each character . . . especially Sheldon. He is so proper like a robot that it is extremely humorous when he disagrees with someone or proves them wrong. Each time he brings in his psych out phrase . . . "Bazinga," it is so true to his character of him being intelligent but being funny towards the audience without knowing it.

If you haven't checked out The Big Bang Theory, I'm telling you . . . WATCH IT.

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