Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Office Looks to Make it Through Season 8 Without It's MVP

As I pass the time between seasons watching my old favorite episodes of The Office, I found myself wondering if this upcoming season will be a success. I have put off thinking about how Steve Carell is gone and how I hate the new actor that is replacing him because I am in denial. I can't believe that he is actual gone. Michael Scott. The reason the show was my favorite. Michael Scott. A comical genius. His absence raises the question, Will this show survive without their MVP?

If you apply this question to Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, it would probably be a different answer. With the Office I think they will survive. The cast includes some great actors/esses that will be able to save the show. Although Carell, took the main responsibility of the humor surrounded by the office, his absence will allow Jim and Dwight's relationship to be a main focus.

Besides Carell, Jim Halpert and Dwight Schrute were also hilarious characters. What I believe will actually happen now is instead of always being at each others throat and playing tricks non-stop, Dwight and Jim are going to be forced to work together. Their common goal? To destroy the new boss, Robert California, played by James Spader. This will blossom into a new relationship with a hilarious new twist. This is just a guess, but it does sound possible.

I dont know enough about James Spader, but I have to admit my first impression of him was not at all a good one in the season 7 finale. Either way I will give him a chance and hope that he take this show in a positive new direction.

All Hail Steve Carell!!

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