Monday, September 5, 2011

Captain America: The First Avenger

While this summer was filled with many blockbusters, Pirates of the Caribbean, Thor, Super 8, The Hangover, Green Lantern (which turned out to be awful), Harry Potter, and one that I fully waited for was Captain America.

I tend to watch a lot of trailers and was very impressed with the trailer; however, I was very worried that it would turn out to be like Green Lantern where there was no story at all in the movie. While watching this, I found this superhero movie to be one of my favorites since Spider-Man in 2002. While Visual Effects has taken a huge tole in movie-making this century, the story is the heart of the movie and visual effects create the illusion of this fantasy into a reality.

In this movie, I found it very easily to relate to Steve Rodgers' (Captain America) character because he continues to strive and keep with everyone by wanting to fight for his country in World War II. Due to his size and lack of muscle tone, he is always turned down. He is then chosen for the Captain America project because he has a strong heart, the one qualification that every soldier should posses.

I truly enjoyed this movie not only because of the character development but that there wasn't a lot of time spent in the fight scenes or taking down Hydra's (the enemy) bases, the movie was very well dedicated to having the viewer appreciate the story of this legendary superhero and what he wants next.

Next summer should be epic with The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises . . . can't wait.

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  1. I love how bad movies (The Green Lantern) are pushed so hard by advertising. I remember during the summer not being able to watch a television show without seeing 4 or 5 ads for the green lantern. Then there were also all the Green Lantern subway tie ins so you couldn't grab a quick lunch without seeing it. And of course, another movie based video game rushed to market. The power or marketing.