Thursday, September 1, 2011


Welcome to the class, first off. I know that I'm not the one to say this, that's Arturo's job. Just let me and my superiority complex be happy.

I'm a huge Doctor Who fan. I've watched since the series returned in '05, I've seen episodes from the sixties, seventies, and beyond. I've got a toy sonic screwdriver. I'm kind of obsessed. I feel no shame.

What I love the most about the series is that it's always had an affinity for welding special effects with a good story. The show doesn't depend on one thing or the other to carry it along. It knows that in order to deliver something great, there has to be a good aesthetic side and a good technical side. Doctor Who has both. Also, there are aliens and robots. Enough said.

Just take a look at this preview clip for the latest episode, Let's Kill Hitler.

Cool, right? There's period-specific costumes and set design. The little details in the shot, from the composition to the dirt caused by the TARDIS crash to the smoke pouring out of the phone box, are meticulously planned. Meanwhile, the actors are perfectly in sync, delivering the story to the audience. This is what Doctor Who has been known for since its inception.

For another example, here's a clip from the 1964 episode "The Dalek Invasion Of Earth" back when William Hartnell was the First Doctor. Notice the Daleks, which were a particularly fascinating effect back when this serial came out.

This is the kind of thing I strive for when I produce. In order for me to truly like what I make, it's got to look good and it's got to have a powerful story, along with powerful people to be the characters of that story. It's a complex task, but when it all comes together, it's something absolutely beautiful.

I'll be using examples from Doctor Who in future blog posts, so expect, you know, sci-fi stuff. I don't apologize.

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  1. Love the series and the post is good and interesting. My only peeve is of course TAGS, TAGS, TAGS. there are many ideas that you can make into keywords about the subject you are talking about. Dr who is just the overall theme but you talk about a lot more that people would miss because they would never find this post, unless they typed very specifically "doctor who"

    Some ideas would be sci-fi, science fiction, robots, daleks, hitler, William Hartnell, etc etc so people looking for any of those words would hit upon your ruminations. It is part of a marketing strategy that all of you need to understand because that is one of the ways you will make your work known.

    Happy posting!