Thursday, September 8, 2011


I hope that no one was actually effected by the flooding I read about in that Ithaca emergency email beyond having classes delayed today. I thought I'd share what I did yesterday towards our first project. Today the rain cancelled class, but yesterday the rain made filming annoying. Had it been a nice sunny day I would've gone to the Commons and shot something. Due to the weather, anywhere I went off campus would've been a place of business, which could have caused complications when trying to replicate the scene. So I grabbed my Canon T2i and trekked around campus stopping at various interesting indoor locations.

The next obstacle was creepiness. To try and capture people doing stuff from far away is not a challenge. To get a conversation or interaction between people in the foreground was interesting. The first shot I got was in the campus center by the Park side entrance. I stood on the second floor overlooking the entry way and filmed for thirty seconds. I had a stairway on my left and right with the doors directly in front of me. Because it was seven o'clock I didn't get a rush of people. But I got several small groups of people coming and going up and down the stairs having small conversations.

The second location I tried was the rec center. I just sat myself down in a corner and filmed the 6 or 7 people in there playing pool and ping pong. I also went to the music building's foyer that overlooks the hill center and sat in a comfy chair. At that location I captured in frame two people working and one girl talking on the cellphone. My final stop was the pub where I found a friend to place in the foreground. Calvin Healy sitting there ripping his hair out over calculus 3. In the background there were 3 girls arguing about a group project.

I didn't get the chance to try a moving camera shot. Maybe with this rain day I'll get the opportunity over the weekend to set something up before class. But I think I got a few nice selections for my group.

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  1. Excellent, I hope all groups provide some feedback. I was really looking forward to seeing the material you acquired. But I hope you make good use of the time to find and select the shots you want to work with and discuss it with everyone in your team.