Sunday, September 11, 2011


I was looking around and came across a very interesting invention made by a student at MIT. He starts off with a statement that I really liked. "Video quality is no longer limited by resolution but instead by stabilization." Unlike 5 years ago, it is now hard to find a single camera at any store that doesn't shoot in high definition. Even the camera on my phone shoots in crisp 780p. And for under 1000 dollars anyone can buy a very nice DSLR that will shoot in 1080p with the ability to buy new lenses. At ICTV rush night I discovered that almost every field show was choosing to shoot on a DSLR rather than a traditional camera. CineSkates is perfect for DSLRs as they simply attach to a small flexible tripod and allow the tripod itself to act as a dolly. The whole video on kickstarter is shot using CineSkates and it has some impressive shots.

This is also a good example of how powerful kickstarter is when you have a good idea. This project was asking for 20,000 dollars and has already been given 240,000. It makes sense though because if you pledge 275 dollars you get the whole system. I thought about doing it myself.

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