Saturday, September 3, 2011


Hey, First of all, I'm a huge fan of British Television. This summer I started watching Skins (you guys have probably heard of it), and I really liked it. I would highly recommend it. It's set on Bristol, UK, and it basically follows the lives of a group of friends. The whole cast usually changes every two seasons which makes it kinda cool because you get involved with the different characters, and it gives the show a chance to develop new stories. People usually say that it's just a show about drugs, partying and sex, but I think it's more than that. The writing is great, and the way they tell the story of each of the characters is really innovative. My mind gets like blown every time I watch it. The only bad thing about this show is the technical aspect. While I was watching it, I noticed several continuity problems, like harsh movement of the characters, or stuff appearing and disappearing. But besides that, what really makes the show (as I already mentioned) is the writing. They hire people our age (around their 20's) to write the show. It really gives the show a fresh style, so if you have time to check it out I would totally recommend you to do so!


  1. I put a picture up because you had a broken link (and suspicious to boot, like a fake url)
    I thought MTV had cancelled the show? besides, isn't it a remake of the real British show? I never understood why they remake successful shows, is there a total lack of creativity to create their own? Same with The Office which was quite a great British show and they remade it even copying the hairstyles, gestures etc. How lame. I wonder if it is cheaper to remake a show instead of paying writers to come up with good ideas? yes, I know, if it is unproved it is more risky, and US media is risk averse. Some of the greatest films of all time have been destroyed by stupid remakes.

  2. I haven't seen the american version, but the british one is excellent. though I've heard bad things about the american one.