Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Doctor Who: Closing Time

What, you thought I was going to review something different?

In this episode, the Doctor pays a visit to Craig, his old friend from "The Lodger" just to say a final goodbye before his death. (This isn't a spoiler.) Instead of saying hi and leaving, the Doctor gets caught up in a nasty row with the Cybermen. Not only that, but Craig refuses to leave him alone, causing the Doctor to put another friend in danger after leaving two behind to keep them safe.

Strong writing and delivery carry this episode. James Corden, a great comedic actor, reprises his role as Craig; and he does a bang-up job, as to be expected. Quick banter between Matt Smith and Carden gives the episode a good pace and keeps the dialogue snappy and interesting. There are sentimental moments among the funny, including when the Doctor spots Amy and Rory as a successful couple out for a day of shopping. After all their adventures, all the times they nearly died, it's good for him to know that they're happy and safe. And of course, let's not forget the baby. The baby makes everything better.

As far as aesthetics and direction go, nothing was absolutely stunning; but that's not to say that it didn't deliver the same good quality that viewers have come to expect out of the new series. Everything was well rounded and worked together. There were a few moments where my trained eye caught some shot discrepancies; in one scene, River was turning her head to the right, while in another she was turning to the left. The glitch barely registered though. I bet that only a few other viewers actually cared.

Next week: The finale. Then I'll shut up for good about this. ...Yeah right. I've still got the classic series that I could throw at you.

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