Friday, November 30, 2012

Les Miserables

While I was home over break I went to the movie theater 3 times.... well i personally lover previews and always have to get to the movie theater 15 minutes prior to the start of it so i can see whats coming out. One of the films that they were talking about was Les Miserables. It was originally a musical and is now being turned into a featured length film. The interesting thing about this film is that they are not pre recording the music before filming the music. They are going to have the actors sing on set so they they can change up their emotions and how they play to role as much as they want. This allows the actors much more freedom with their roles. I am very interested in seeing how this movie turns out and am excited for it to get to theaters!

And to all you haters I finally made a blog post deadline!!!! GO TORI!

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