Monday, October 28, 2013

Devil: The movie that makes elevators even creepier


For all you horror film fanatics, this 2010 movie "Devil" is simply scary. It features five strangers get trapped in an elevator to face their ultimate death. The movie starts of with a low angle shot of a man committing suicide and a narration begins. The narrator begins to tell the audience about the stories his mother used to tell him regarding the pernicious ways of the Devil. As the movie progresses, we find each unique character has a horrible vice. One is a mattress salesman who cons people to buy his products, and another example of a woman who is waiting to inherit millions. 

The camera work is fluid and interesting in this film. It is odd that the majority of the film was filmed in an elevator, being such a small space and not having to work with much. Each time the lights go out, a death occurs and someone is dead when the lights come back on. I like that they chose to shoot it in this way because it makes the viewer have to imagine what is going on and that is even scarier. The lighting in the beginning of the movie is natural, but in the elevator it flickers on and off and their is a large use of shadows. It is almost a fun movie because the entire time you are trying to figure out who is killing everyone in the elevator; the black man, the grandmother, the young woman, the edgy man, or the middle eastern man? Watch the film to find out!

This is one of my favorite horror films because it is so simple, yet very well done. It was based on a story by M.Night Shyamalan and he is one of my favorite directors as well. Overall this movie is terrifying, especially to those who are religious. I am Catholic and the idea that the Devil walks among us is terrifying. In the end of the film, the narrator states "If the Devil is real, God must also be real" which is a great way to end the film in my opinion. 

Here is the trailer, check it out if you dare:

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