Thursday, October 10, 2013

Shot Designer Application

              Due to posting in Arturo's Motion Graphics & Animation class I am always looking for new technology associated with cinematography and its challenges.  This week I would like to talk about an application called Shot Designer. Shot Designer is an application available for both iPad and iPhone in the iTunes app store that allows the individual to create lighting, camera movements and even blocking movements on a floor plan. This sort of floor plan set up can be used along with storyboards to significantly help create the story, especially with a production team with many different elements and view points. As we are recently discovering these issues  working with our own production teams on the short films, I feel an application such as this could be a tool for our projects.  Additionally a major feature that improves this technology is the ability for the program to sync multiple members of your production team.

            While the application is free on the iTunes app store for only $19.99 you get the pro upgrade that provides for features such as exporting, saving and printing scenes and also a desktop version of the software. The app maybe in the beginning stages of its development nonetheless this can be a great tool when on the run or even for a short film.  Here is another picture example of the app...

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