Thursday, October 24, 2013

"This too Shall Pass" Video By OK Go is Not Your Conventional Music Video

The "This Too Shall Pass" music video is not like anything I have ever seen. The amount of time and work that had gone into preparing such a perfectly smooth video must be astounding. The whole mechanical set up was named the Rube Goldberg machine. It was designed and built by a very creative and talented group of engineers. The builders were from a Los Angeles art and technical based collective, called Syyn Lab. They are known for creating intricate and mechanical moving set ups just as they did for this video. Between 55 and 60 people worked on building this incredible, moving set.

The video was directed by James Frost. The whole apparatus took a month and a half to build. They spent two days shooting and over 60 takes to get the perfect shot. The video was shot with one continuous shot of the entire video. Paula Salhany was the videographer and used a steady cam to shoot the whole thing. To follow everything that was happening at the exact time  it was supposed to happen while getting all musicians in the frame seems impossible, but she made it look like it was done with ease. This whole video is truly a piece of art.

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    equally as impressive alternate music video to the same song.