Sunday, October 20, 2013

"Trick r Treat"


In light of the Halloween season, since I have been home for break I took the opportunity to choose from my wide selection of  horror films. My mom recently bought “Trick r Treat” a scary movie from 2007 that I had never heard of. So, we popped it in and began watching it.

This film features three to four different stories, all intertwined during on Halloween night in Ohio. There is this scary little “kid” with a cloth bag over his head that is always present in each individual story.  It is hard to follow the stories at first, as the viewer is constantly switched from on to another. The movie establishes them quickly, and soon it is easy to differentiate.

The composition of shots is average, nothing too special or intriguing. Lighting in the film is mostly dark, with shadows and “moon” light.  The character development was poor, since there were so many stories intertwined I never got a chance to really know them. The idea of this movie is interesting, but it could have been composed better.

One of the scenes I thought was well done is a scene of a group of girls in the woods. (this is not going where you think/hoping it was!) We find out the girls are all werewolves and the each brought a “date” to the “party”.  The metamorphosis of the girls is done well, as they each begin turning into their true and scary selves. The scene has awesome lighting and special effects that are very believable.

Overall I probably would not see this movie again. In the end the viewer is taken back in time to see the events again, but from different perspectives and that is pretty cool how they tied that in.  All the stories are meshed together, but it didn’t entice me to the point that I would want to watch it again.

Here’s the trailer, take a look 

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