Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hold On, We're Going Home

So one of my favorite artists is Drake, who recently released his new album "Nothing Was The Same" and one of the songs is called "Just hold on, we're going home". Listening to the song it is very upbeat, happy and just a sweet love story. However, I just watched the music video and it is completely different than what I would have ever thought it to be. It is set in 1985 and features Drake's "fiancee", who gets captured by a group of men while in her home. Things take a turn for the worst and Drake receives the call that his girl is in distress.

A majority of the music video is a gun fight between Drake's crew and the men who captured his fiancee. The video is not that creative, and has very stereotypical shots. The storyline does not match the song well and I did not enjoy watching it. I love the song, but the music video is an odd concept and was not believable for me. The special effects are not good, as the explosions are utterly and apparently fake.

This wanna be action-packed gangster revenge remake unfortunetly does not work for me. The shots cut on the beat and the introduction of the music video is way too long for my taste.

Here is the video, take a look:

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