Friday, October 25, 2013

Warp Stabilizer

     With many film makers consistently pushing the limit and trying to find a better shot, this weeks post can aid with faults along the way. Additionally as the world isn't a perfect place and there are usually multiple challenges when shooting (especially on extreme terrain) a powerful video filter such as warp stabilizer in Adobe After Effects may be the solution. This handy post-production effect can take shaky footage and transform it too a smooth shot. While warp stabilizer is a good tool in a crunch or for footage like the kayak video below, it will not save dreadful footage. Some challenges for the warp stabilizer consist of motion blur and rolling shutter speed (try to shoot at a higher shutter speed). Also the effect crops your footage so you might like to shoot at a wider angle to compensate for that. Lastly warp stabilizer can be used for other shots such as footage on a camera like a steadicam or jib.

Here is a how to video on the warp stabilizer...

A good example of the warp stabilizer with kayak footage...

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