Thursday, October 3, 2013

Vice Media

For as long as I have been watching TV I have always had a dislike for news stories. Fictional stories just have always appealed to me more. I feel entertainment should be a way to escape from reality, and news just brings all of the troubles of the world right into your living room. However regarding news there is one magazine that I can stand and that is, Vice. Vice is a magazine company which puts an entirely different spin on the news. I am a big fan of the videos that Vice Media produces and puts on their YouTube Channel. The type of videos that are produced are features about a lot of different, risqué material. There are a lot of different stories about drugs, violence, even cannibalism. What I like about Vice so much is the fact that the staff really puts themselves out there to be able to tell the story in the best way possible. For example one video I watched was an interview with a Hitman for hire. The interview consisted of the staff from Vice filming the Hitman in the back seat of a car and asking him questions about why he kills people for a living. To be in the same car as a professional killer must not be the most comfortable situation one could put themselves in, but Vice did to cover the story not matter how unsettling it is. I really suggest you watch this, it is much different then what you see on CNN every night.

 Vice recently also started to make what are called "Vice Shorts." Vice shorts are more on the side of fiction rather than non-fiction. Like the news that Vice covers these videos are a little bizarre but are put together well and very interesting. The first short that I saw was called "The Ellington Kid." The first thing I saw was that at the beginning of this short it says based on a true story (sort of). I thought this was very cool considering what we are doing in class. I believe that this video was inspired by a new story/urban legend. It not only sparked some ideas but it is also an interesting story. Please take some time to watch this video, and also subscribe to Vice, the company produces some really awesome things.

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