Friday, October 18, 2013

The Fox News Deck

Shepard Smith of Fox News toured the fancy, new Fox News Deck. At first glance, I was waiting for someone to say, "Beam me up, Scotty!" But when you look further, there are some cool aspects and some ridiculous ones.

It is useful that at any time, they can put any of those screens on the air. They've changed the way they gather the news, by using new tools and software to quickly bring news stories to the public. It seems like a smart choice to try and fuse social media with television news, and we will see if it works. The hope is to connect with the social media world and gain the generations of viewers who use smartphones.

This all being said, I still think the whole room is ridiculous. The size of the monitors and computer screens is unnecessary. As Jon Stewart says on The Daily Show when he makes fun of this, "Our televisions are the same size because we still have the same TVs we had last week." I also enjoy when he says, "Hey Fox, I think you're fixing the non-broken part." So maybe they should be working on "fair and balanced" reporting instead of being "trained on this new software" for two weeks. Also, the way Shepard Smith reports this new, amazing room is a little insensitive. When he points out a picture of an Israeli soldier and a Palestinian woman, he says, "This happens to be a picture of a Palestinian woman having a beef with an Israeli soldier." Hmm... maybe not quite the right thing to say in that moment, Shep?

Watch the video of Jon Stewart tearing it apart:

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