Friday, October 25, 2013

Pacific Rim: A defense

Recently I was reading the other groups posts and stumbled upon someone who recently was watched Pacific Rim and disliked it. As a big fan of both the movie and Guillermo Del Toro, I am going to come to the films defense against the most common criticism the film gets. For those who have not seen or heard of Pacific Rim, it's about years in the future where monstrous beings known as Kaiju come out of a portal in the Pacific Ocean and wreak havoc on the coastlines. The humans respond to the attacks in the most logical manner, by building giant humanoid robots to punch the Kaiju. Many people criticized the film for not being as deep and intricate as Del Toro's earlier works like Pan's Labyrinth and The Devil's Backbone. I dont think that these people fully understood the whole idea of Pacific Rim. This was Del Toro's chance to make a blockbuster big budget action film. It was a passion project for him to put everything he loved about classic monster movies (often called "kaiju films" as Kaiju is Japanese for strange beast) into a fun, dumb film. The film was also criticized for it's lack of character development of which I can partially agree with. While some of the secondary characters, mainly the other Jaeger (robot) pilots. However the two main characters Raleigh and Mako have some good character development. We see both characters struggle with and eventually overcome grief. Raleigh himself even says "All these years, I've been living in the past, never really thought about the future until now. I never did have good timing."   Pacific Rim is a big dumb and incredibly fun film, and that's all it was meant to be. Once people known that they can sit back and enjoy the ride.  

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