Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Insane Base Jumping and Great Camera Work

      Recently on Youtube, I saw a video titled "Insane Base Jumping, Falling with Style". The colors in the shots immediately caught my eye. My original thought was that it seemed as if it could be a car commercial because of how illuminating and bright the colors of the car and background were. Turns out Ford made this video happen by sponsoring the team. Anyways, I was mainly interested in how they got such cool shots of the individuals falling or jumping off the bridge or hot air balloon. Turns out Devin Graham, one of the main cinematographers for the video, said he simply used a Go-Scope with a GroPro connected to it. A Go-Scope is basically a pole you can get at any length, that you can use for a shot that you may not be capable of getting otherwise. 

      Certain shots that he got with this Go-Scope made it seem as if the viewer is falling with the base jumper. It is truly amazing. The aesthetic values on this piece is phenomenal. With all the light being natural and from the sun, the colors that the landscape gives off in each shot is breathe taking. It truly does look so beautiful it could be fake. The electronic music that goes along with the video is by Overwork, and fits perfectly with the continuous falling and landing. I think this video is extremely well done and definitely goes to show that even the toughest of shots can be achieved.   

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