Friday, October 11, 2013


It's been seven years since Alfonso Cuaron graced us with a film. His previous effort Children of Men was critically praised, so expectation for his follow up Gravity were high. Let me say they delivered. The film had some of the most beautiful cinematography ever. In the average film there are over 5000 cuts, action films have upwards of 80,000 however in Gravity there are only 156, in the entire film. The film utilizes many long cuts as we follow the characters action in the vacuum of space. The film's opening shot is 17 minutes long, but when I watched the film, I only realized how long the shot was when the camera finally cut. The plot of the film is very simple, Academy Award Winning Actress Sandra Bullock (try saying without laughing or smiling) plays Ryan Stone an astronaut on her first mission. When out on a spacewalk with George Clooney (actor's name not the part me played) their spaceship is struck by destroyed by debris. Bullock and Clooney must then attempt to make their way to a nearby space station before the debris comes back. For a film taking place in something as vast as space I felt very claustrophobic watching it. Going into the film I was worried that it would be just 90 minutes of Academy Award Winning Actress Sandra Bullock hyperventilating in space. While there was a lot of that there was much much more, a story of grief and accepting that grief and moving on. If you see one 3D film this year make it Gravity. While making the film they didn't have any technology to properly show how light is in space, so Cuaron had his crew create it. Gravity is truly, and I'm sorry for the pun I'm about to use, breathtaking.

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