Friday, October 19, 2012

Argo F***k Yourself

Argo is the first great film of the year. Yes The Dark Knight rises and the Master are close but none shined brighter than the latest from Director Ben Affleck. Who knew the man who was once Daredevil would become the best up and coming director of his day? With great films Gone Baby Gone and The Town under his belt Mr. Affleck is stacking up quiet a résumé; and he can ad his latest film to that list.

While Argo may not be perfect it comes as close as any movie this year. Affleck gets the tone of the 80’s without felling forced. What probably is his best strength in the movie Affleck gets all the humor from the Hollywood scenes and then pumps up the adrenaline for the last hour or so. While the action is not very fast paced you still get a sense of real urgency from these characters and that in the end what makes this film stand out compared to most. 

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