Saturday, October 6, 2012

One-Shot Film Reflection

My one-shot film assignment can be watched here.

Whew, that turned out to be more difficult than expected; overall though, I'm pretty happy with the final outcome of my one-shot film. I wish I had taken more time in my pan though in order to extend the entire length of the piece. I feel that the extended time would have helped in building suspense, making the final outcome of the film that much more satisfying. Timing is definitely something I will now pay closer attention to while shooting, and something I tried to keep close attention to today while shooting for assignment #2.

As I acted as my own DP for the shoot I left feeling pretty great about how smooth I was able to keep the camera pan throughout the entire shot. Shooting out of a car was pretty difficult but with how secure we kept the tripod with the sandbags, any bumps on the road where almost entirely unnoticeable. It's the first time I've tried such a technique and I now feel confident using it on shoots in the future.

On another note, today my group shot for assignment #2. I must admit that I've never gotten used to filming strangers and filming them today felt way too uncomfortable. However, we were able to get a couple good shots that could be worth recreating. I look forward to trying to make our second version identical as I think such a shot when put side-to-side to the original could look very interesting.


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