Thursday, October 4, 2012

One Shot Reflection

I got to do a lot this project. I did like having the 4 mini projects because I got to have many different positions. I got to experience what it is like as an actor for Maddie's film. I am never actually in any of my projects or my friends projects, so this was new. I was also in my own film, but since you couldn't see my face, it doesn't count. I got to DP for Lindsey's film, which was cool. I think that I underestimate my ability to work a camera sometimes. Besides it being a little shaky, which I feel was out of my control, it is nice to have something that you did that doesn't look like shit. (Pardon my french).  Dave made it easy on us all and had the camera on the ground, so although I did "DP" for him, I didn't have much work besides framing it, then standing back.

Directing my project was awesome. I love being director. I really didn't have too much to do with directing my actors because of the way my project was. Only feet and no real sound. It made it feel a lot more relaxed and fun. It also made shooting it really quick and simple, so we were able to do multiple takes trying different things with the flower, the hula hoop, and camera movement. I am really proud of this project. I think it is different, I got to edit it completely by myself. In the past, I have had group members that are more experienced than I am in editing, so they take full control of that aspect. But I really like to edit and to see my ideas for my final piece really come together. So it was nice to actually have full creative control and have it come out nicely!

The only issue that I had with this project was exporting it wrong. I am about to leave my apartment to go to Park and re-export it with the correct settings.

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