Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Chinese Wall

In my screenwriting class we watched a film titled "The Chinese Wall". The film is about a woman dining in a chinese restaurant alone on her birthday. The film is mainly told from the narration of her internal monologue. This is usually a big no-no when writing for the screen, but works really well for this film. I wasn't into the film at first, finding the subtitles tiring and the action on screen not very captivating. About half-way through the film, I began to get involved in the story. It is very interesting and relatable. The woman begins to people watch and make stories and assumptions about the people around her. It is later revealed that she was wrong about everyone, and the ending is heart warming. I found this film interesting because of it's successful use of narration. I also really liked the story and found it relatable since I often find myself people watching and wondering what their stories  are. It is human nature to try and figure out what people's personalities and stories are. This leads us to come to false conclusions when we don't have a sufficient amount of information about them. I posted the clip below if you are interested in watching this film. 

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