Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hour of the Wolf

I watched Hour of the Wolf this past week on Arturo's recommended movie list.  This movie was very interesting and unlike anything I had seen before.  It is a Swedish film directed by Ingmar Bergman and it follows the story of an artist who is struggling with his past and night demons he has while he sleeps. One of the aspects of the film that I find so interesting is that it is told in a series of diary entries.  So after each scene, there is a fade to black, and between each scene we do not know what happens.  There are flashbacks yet the story stays in order.

The film mixes a lot of suspense and horror and it really touches on emotions that many other movies do not.  I was very confused with Johan, the main character, because he was always scared but I did not know why.  And he was violent at times yet I do not know his motivations to be violent.  It is a movie that I think I would need to watch multiple times to fully understand but I enjoyed watching it.

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