Saturday, October 13, 2012

Arrested Development

When I find a television show that I like I become completely infatuated with it and can not stop watching it. Since my parents are so generous and frankly just don't know how to use their Netflix account I have been watching as many TV shows on it as possible. Recently I have found my self spending an excessive amount of time watching the 2003 television show "Arrested Development". I'm sure many of you have heard if not seen the show but if not its about Michael Bluth the level headed son in his family. When his father is imprisoned for shifty account practice of his company Michael takes over his family affairs while the rest of his spoiled dysfunctional family members are making his job unbearable. The show only lasted 3 season but Netfilx has recently announced that they will be airing 10 more episodes and there has been rumors of a movie in the making!


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