Saturday, October 13, 2012


This week I watched the film Rango. Rango stars a CG animal cast, lead by a chameleon that loves to act. After being let loose in the desert he finds himself in an old western town facing a drought that threatens their livelihoods. Through a series of events the newcomer that calls himself "Rango" is named sheriff and given the task of solving all of the town's problems. As far as the film goes, I enjoyed it's offbeat humor and numerous references to films of the past. It's animation, although highly detailed, still maintained a "cartoony" look and I felt that the use of CG brought life to the setting in a way that a 2D image can't. I recommend this film to anyone looking for an amusing suspenseful comedy or anyone who just wants to hear Johnny Depp give his best Kermit The Frog impression.

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