Monday, October 1, 2012

One Shot Reflection

After discussing with the class about my one shot film I realized that there were many things that I could have done differently. I will definitely take this assignment as a learning experience.
 In order to make my short film better I should have worked with the timing a little more. I had Four actions in the film, Harrison found a penny, received a high five, Lucy caught him when he tripped and then he saw an attractive girl sitting on the bench that he wanted to talk to. In class we discussed the idea that we all rush our film shoots to get the project done. I spent a decent amount of time talking with the attractive girl and Harrison to get their timing down for when he is talking to her on the bench but completely spaced on what Harrison should have done before he interacts with the girl. When it comes to editing it is easier to get better pace because you can cut between shots. In my one shot film it was important for to have all the actions happen at the correct time due to the fact that it had more of a music video feel to it. There was a lot going on and it was hard for me to keep my focus on everything that was occurring. In our group of five I was the first to go and I feel that every shoot after that we became a better team.
During class we were taught how to explain to our actors what we want them to do in each take. I learned the importance of mechanics when speaking to an actor as we went through each project. Having knowledge of this prior to the last four shoots I feel that it tremendously helped us when producing the projects. 
-Tori Sturniolo

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