Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Score One For the Home Team

Go On is one of NBC's new shows for the current fall season. This is also Matthew Perry's opportunity to break back into the TV industry. His last stint in TV was the underrated Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. I feel this time around, Perry has picked the right horse to back. According to the Hollywood Reporter, last week it had a steady rating of 3.3, better then The New Normal.

I'm not really into the whole sports scene, but this show has acquired a perfect balance between sports jargon and character development to have a wide audience. Besides following the life of sports radio personality Ryan King, the show follows his development and growth trying to recover from the loss of his wife. In order to cope with this, Ryan is sent to a loss support group, where he encounters and becomes a part of a misfit group of "losers". From what I've seen of the current season, Overall, I'd say that it might not be a home run, but it certainly scores one for the home team (see what I did there, sports).

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