Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sony fs100 Picture Profiles

Hello everybody, since class on Wednesday I've been shooting with the Sony fs100 and have been experimenting with some different picture profiles. There are a lot of great resources on the web and simply by trying out different profiles you can easily get a good grasp over how different settings effect different things. This allows you to take profiles you find online and use them as starting points to acquire your own desired image.

Some good sites I've found regarding picture profiles:

We looked at this site a little bit in class. It has a lot of great information and features a variety of profiles that are optimized to get the most out of the fs100's sensor.

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Frank is a cinematographer, on his blog he has various links to different profiles as well as example photographs for each one. I've found this to be a good place for references as with it's many examples you can get going in the right direction and then "tweak" the profile yourself to achieve your desired image.

Provides a picture profile designed for post color-correction while also detailing why other profiles are not suited for post production color work.

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