Friday, October 12, 2012


               This week I am at the New York City comic-Con and there is one thing that seems to have changed over the years. When these types of events first started it was just a bunch of comic book nerds getting together to trade and buy comics. Oh boy how times have changed, it seems as if nerd is the new jock. Everywhere you turn you’ll see a booth about the new “hot” TV show or movie. The mainstream pop culture has absorbed into the nerd realm. Today you’ll see football stars standing next to writers for Marvel and DC and it looks a little weird.
            Call me old fashion but there seems to be something missing at comic cons now. Yes everywhere you turn there is someone cosplaying as Deadpool or Batman but it’s almost like we sold out. I use “we” here as in us nerds and geeks. Before Chris Nolan made Batman cool there was no pressure in being a nerd, now that everyone and there mother is one I feel a little slighted. 

PS: This is me interviewing the creators of the Venture Brothers, a greaaaaat cartoon show on Adult swim. 

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