Friday, November 30, 2012

Childhood Television Shows

With the recent news that Boy Meets World is being rebooted and coming back with some of the old characters, I started thinking about some of the shows I watched as a child and what I learned from them.  One of the shows that was my favorite to watch back when I was younger was Drake & Josh.  This show involved a lot of sibling conflict which was fun and entertaining.  Watching this show when I was younger, it taught me how to solve conflict with my friends and sister.  It showed me how important it is for family to get along.  Rocket Power was another show I was very fond of in my younger years.  As I was very into playing outside when I was younger (like most kids) this show was a great way to be entertained with other kids playing extreme sports.  This show really taught me how fun being a kid should be and that there are important lessons to learn as well.  As these kids shows no longer air, there are more and more new shows being directed towards kids.  It is important that these shows teach important lessons and don't brainwash our young kids with things that are stupid like honey booboo and crazy moms.

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