Friday, November 9, 2012

Larry David

One of my favorite television shows to watch is Curb Your Enthusiasm.  This show created by Larry David, stars himself as a version of himself.  The whole show his based on his life and similarly to his previous show, Seinfeld, is about nothing.  Larry is always in normal situations that everyone has been in, but he makes these situations funny.  The way Larry reacts to these normal situations is what makes the show funny.  He does what everyone is afraid to do, what is socially unacceptable.  But that is his character.  He is rude, disrespectful, and does not give a shit.  One example of this is when he is in an elevator and it is a very funny scene.

Larry touches on what people are afraid to do or afraid to say.  To me, it is a relief because at times I wish I could do or say what he says.  Most of the show is improvisation which I think speaks on how talented the cast is.  This is a show that you can watch any episode any time and still be entertained and laugh a lot.  

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