Friday, November 2, 2012

The Town and Ben Affleck Directing

It seem like Ben Affleck is in a groove directing, going three for three on his first three films.  Those films he directed in order are- Gone Baby Gone, The Town, and the newly released Argo.  One of these films is special to me because it is filmed very close to where I live.  That is The Town.  I remember first seeing the trailer to this film and being so excited to see it.  And then when I saw it, it did not disappoint.

This movie is a crime-drama and it tells the story of a bankrobber who is trying to leave the crew and get rid of his bad ways and move on with his life.  There is a great balance of action and meaningful dialogue which is something I love.  The movie is intense but it touches on emotions you don't usually feel in movies in this genre.  Affleck makes the audience feel for Dougie (main character) and shows that people like him can be good.  There is very high quality acting by everyone in the film.  I think Ben Affleck is showing that not only can he be a successful actor but he is one of the best directors out there right now.

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