Monday, November 19, 2012


I went to see the new James Bond movie in theaters yesterday. I really liked it. The part that I found particularly interesting was the opening credit sequence. In every Bond movie, the credit sequence is always unique and aesthetically pleasing. As the industry has improved its technology, the Bond movies have improved their opening sequences. I especially liked the song used for this film's opening credits,"Skyfall" sung by Adele (one of my favorite artists). Her voice is low and almost haunting in this song and complements the visuals nicely. It also brings out the sexuality in the visuals, which is the goal of every Bond movie: to make sex an exciting and almost deadly mystery that surrounds the main character. I know we talked in class about how important it is that sound match up with video and I think that this sequence is a good example of the mediums complementing each other. The rest of the movie was great. It was action-packed and visually pleasing. I especially liked the use of "fire" to light various scenes. It made for really cool visuals. I would suggest that everyone see it over break! Below is a link to a website that has a clip of the credits.

Skyfall Credits

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