Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lie to Me

I like this show, courtesy to my guy Barry for putting me on to the show. After my latest addiction, The Walking Dead, I was searching for a new show when my friend pointed me to the show Lie to Me. The show is about a team of people who are specialized in identifying facial and body language to know if someone is lying or not. The idea seems simple but the shows is actually very creative and captures my attention. The creative aspect of the show comes from the writers writing such exciting episodes. Unlike The Walking Dead, Lie to Me doesn't have any things worth noting on how it was shot or the make-up that was used in the show. The shots are normal, and there is no crazy make-up or graphics being used. Whereas in The Walking Dead, the zombies looked beyond realistic. It was very believable and made the concept and idea of zombies realistic. The only concern I have with this show, Lie to Me, is that I will get bored of it because it may get repetitive. In The Walking Dead, the characters were constantly on the run, looking for shelter, food, and constantly fighting for survival  There was always something to look forward to in The Walking Dead and it was interesting to see if they will ever find a safe haven or a cure for the zombies. In Lie to Me, the biggest mystery is how they will figure out who is lying. I still like the show and hope that they do spice things up in later episodes. Oh, and Monica Raymund, she plays Ria Torres in the show, is kind of cute! I may have to tweet her.

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