Tuesday, November 6, 2012


As a huge Family Guy fan, I was ecstatic when I learned that Seth McFarlane was bringing his talent to the big screen. When Ted hit theaters this past July, I jumped at the chance to go. I had high expectations for the film and was not disappointed. I really enjoyed the movie and thought that it had the right amount of humor without taking away from a heartwarming storyline. I felt that outside of the fact that teddy bears cannot come to life, this film was very real and struck a cord with the universal human experience. Watching Mark Wahlberg's character struggle with growing up and choosing between his girlfriend and best friend was something many viewers could relate to. I appreciated McFarlane's writing and thought he did a good job of sneaking in a serious storyline behind all the jokes and gags. Although I found it hilarious, I did find some of the humor a little crude, but went in expecting to be made a little uncomfortable. It is that brash humor that I admire about McFarlane's work. He pushes the envelope to see how far he can go, and then pushes it even further. I like this because I believe humor is something to be appreciated and entertained by and those that get offended and angered by it should shut up, sit back, and enjoy what was created purely to entertain them. Here is the behind the scenes clip that I found pretty interesting. It shows how they used Seth's movements to make Ted seem as real to life as they could.

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