Saturday, November 17, 2012

You're Trying To Seduce Me Mrs. Robinson, Aren't You?

Last night my roommates and I decided on a whim to celebrate our own Thanksgiving and put ourselves into a food comma with the delicious Italian and Greek options available at the Slovaki House in Collegetown (check it out, if I had a Nick Petrella restaurant seal of approval it would have one). After a couple glasses of wine and more lamb than I'm comfortable admitting to consuming I found myself rummaging through my roommates DVD collection until I found his copy of The Graduate.

I thought to myself, "Hey, I'm about to graduate, maybe this disc will hold the key to all of my unanswered questions" (It doesn't). Couple this with the chance of watching a young, suave, Mr. Feeny and I was sold.

"Just one. Is it okay, if I rip off your head, and roll it down the hall way?" 
- My search for a good Mr. Feeny quote led me to a dark place.

What started as a casual movie viewing experience quickly turned into myself being fixated to the screen, I stopped surfing the internet on my laptop and couldn't look away. The depressing stare of a young Dustin Hoffman paired with the cold soundtrack provided by Simon & Garfunkel gained my attention and kept it throughout the 106 minute run-time (that's exact, I googled it).

I assume you would call the film a dark comedy, although it definitely has a much more lighthearted approach then say Burn After Reading. Aka. Everyone doesn't die at the end. I personally love this style of comedy and felt that The Graduate held an excellent balance of depressing the shit out of you while still making you laugh out loud, something I think is extremely hard to achieve but insanely satisfying when done correctly.

Watch this movie or we won't stop staring you.

I would recommend this movie to anyone who watches movies, because it's simply just a great film. The story is timeless and seems so real that you'll find yourself having trouble looking away from the screen; and hey, those legs don't hurt either...

"But Mrs. Robinson, I thought we where going to play Jenga"
- He probably says this in one of the outtakes, probably.

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