Friday, November 2, 2012

Shaken, not Stirred

James Bond is more than a character, he is a film institution in his own right. "Skyfall," the 23rd movie of the franchise, third of the new reboot series," is approaching us. To prepare, my roommate and I watched "Casino Royale" and "Quantum of Solace," starring all around bad ass Daniel Craig, to prepare for this new film. During the movie, we talked about why we liked Bond, and we appreciate the serious talk and that, even though we love the hokey gadgets of years past, the world needs the realist tools and fight scenes.

We both loved "Casino Royale" and we both were bored with "Quantum of Solace." We talked about what makes one good and one bad.

"Quantum" is all action. There is a story and it would be a good one if the movie just gave us time to breath and take it in. It's about oil, water, corrupt governments, money, CIA coups, a secret organization and revenge, always a good motivator for movie character. By the time the movie was over, I felt only a little bit less empty than why I saw it in 2008 in theaters.

"Casino Royale" was more of a thriller than an action movie, and hopefully the new one will stick with that. It gave us a torture scene that made every male in the audience cringe in pain, attack Bond's favorite gadget.

The movies get rid of the crazy plans for world domination with the silly lairs and names and create a world where men want money more than anything else. Bond doesn't say all of his catch phrases and we haven't gotten Miss Moneypenny and Q, who both will be in "Skyfall." I think what Quantum was missing was a villain who actually was a character and not a generic action film villain. Javier Barden, who played "Anton Chigurh," one of the best movie villains, and he got the oscar for that performance in "No Country for Old Men" might be able to bring some personality to the next Bond film. Hopefully, I will feel shaken (with excitement) and not stirred (with anger) at "Skyfall."

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