Monday, November 28, 2011

360 degree camera

So I was applying for internships in LA and I came across Social Animal. I didn't know much about the company so I looked into it. It turns out they use 360 degree camera to film for mostly advertising purposes. To call it a single camera is an understatement. it has 9 high quality cameras (something like $22,000 a piece) that reflect off of mirrors to eliminate over lap. Also each camera is hooked up to its own macbook pro. Yes, nine lap tops. They had a clip about it on Attack of the Show.

Now you maybe wondering what how do you view this on a computer? Well this is also ingenious. You drag across the scene and u can see any direction at anytime on the time line. Pretty cool.

If you are wondering yes I did apply, but I have not heard yet so fingers crossed.

Matthew Walker

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