Monday, November 14, 2011


Our group finished our last shots Friday morning and as I sit here putting some final touches on the editing I am surprised that I haven't had to do anything too weird considering how many issues we had. One thing that I am disappointed about is the lighting is a little different between shots. I also wish we had gotten some ADR yelling, but maybe we can work that in before the final screening in December.

As one project comes to an end, another is beginning. We had a brief casting call tonight. Will set it up and sent some emails out and put a post on Craigslist. We may have found a few of our henchmen tonight.

On another note I was reminded of a great website Video Copilot last night, by Rick Ross of all people. It appears that the boss himself may watch Video Copilot for tutorials. If you watch the very beginning of this video you will see a crumbling effect.

This is taken straight from Andrew Kramer's "Procedural Crumble" tutorial.

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