Monday, November 14, 2011

CBI Convention Orlando 2011

Halloween weekend I went away and escaped the cold of Ithaca. I went down to Orlando, Florida for the annual college broadcast convention to represent ICTV. I travelled down to with three other executive staff members to learn useful ways of upgrading our station and network with other schools about what they are doing with their stations.

The hard thing was that CBI is very radio and newspaper based so there wasn't much for television. While there were various workshops taking place, myself and other ICTV executive staff members met some people from Washington State University. These people from Washington State were in a similar situation as we are with ICTV, being a huge conglomerate student organization. It was interesting to hear their organization of their station since they are completely student run and we receive money from the dean for funding.

They had a huge executive staff, dividing everyone into a certain branch of the channel. For instance, they have a President who oversees everything but then they have a VP of Television, a VP of Marketing, VP of Finance, and a VP of Human Resources to be instated. It was completely structured as a real network, which we were all impressed with how they managed it. It also astounded us that their executive staff members and producers receive college credit for their efforts, where as we are completely voluntarily and receive extra curricular recognition.

The biggest difference between Ithaca College and Washington State University is that we, as in Ithaca, are a private school and WSU is a public school. Aside from meeting these two representatives I also had the chance to sit in some workshops dealing the use of social media for television stations, radio stations, and newspapers, and how much of an impact social media has in advertising and gaining viewers, listeners, and readers. Another resource was learning how useful your website and can be and how to track hits and visitors through Google Analytics.

The conference is in Chicago next year, which I plan to attend in hopes of being on ICTV Executive Staff again. I look forward to see what CBI has installed for TV after joining the CBI TV list serv so we can all collaborate ideas and expressive needs.

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