Monday, November 7, 2011

X-Men Anime

I do not know if you guys have this problem but I never seem to have the time to watch television. I know its horrible since I am a TV-R major. However I force myself to watch at least one show a semester, right now that show is Walking Dead. We all know about the show and how good it is so I am not going to waste a post about it. I have managed to squeeze one more show into my schedule, X-men Anime on G4.

The show is created by both Marvel Entertainment and Madhouse, which made shows like Devil May Cry and Trigun. The show is about X-men going to Japan after the death of Jean Grey, they are trying to save Hisako Ichiki or Armor from the U-men.U-men are people that think taking mutant body parts and attaching the parts to them to gain powers. It is a little complicated for people who don't read the comics but it gets easier.

All of the episodes are finished and watchable...they are just in Japanese. You can find English subtitles for them, but if you want the English dubbed version you will have to wait each week to watch it on G4.

I have seen the first two episodes of the show with the English dub and I have to say its not bad. Is it great? Ehhhh I wouldn't go that far. The show is pretty slow and the pacing of the episode is weird. The English voice actors are a huge plus, the voices fit the characters and Steve Blum's voice is always a treat to hear.

The show seems to have promise and if you are an X-men fan I suggest watching it. If you are not then there is no foul missing this show.

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