Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Series of Unfortunate Events

So I'm gonna tell a story about 5 park kids trying to shoot a movie and all of the unfortunate events they run into when trying to complete their movie. Last week, we were suppose to finish our movie shoot on Sunday, leaving that night and and the rest of the week to edit our final product. Sunday morning came rolling around but we couldn't get in touch with our man actor. Steve kinslow (myself) went to his apartment to find that he was not their and without his phone. His roommates had no clue where he was. We also found out that another actor of ours forgot a sweatshirt at home over fall break that he was wearing in our shoot, which would have killed our continuity. With all of that said and done, we cancelled the shoot and decided to shoot for the week and the weekend to comeThe next problem we came in counter with was scheduling conflicts. It was literally impossible to get all the actors together for more than an hour on any weekday from the hours of 12 to 4 (where we would have proper sunlight). This then meant that we had to shoot on the weekend once again.

At about 9pm on Thursday night, I got a phone call from our main actor Nate that the uniform we were using for our shoot wouldn't be available for the weekend because his roommate was going away on an ROTC trip from Thursday to Sunday night. Not a problem, we will just get another uniform from someone else. But then he mentioned that every school in our region will be attending this trip, so a similar uniform won't be available for the next couple of miles. JUST GREAT.
So Alex and I decided to try and find a surplus store where we could buy a similar uniform to use. We found one place within 50 miles, Joe's Surplus in Cortland. Not to bad. I call on Friday to make sure they have what we need in our size, just to get a voicemail in return telling me their store is closed for the weekend due to a gun show their employees will be attending. WTF. Like really.
So this Sunday (today), we had to shoot without a uniform, only showing the waist up on our main character. Not exactly what we wanted, but int he real world, you have to deal with what is given to you. I don't believe there is anything else we could have done. It is most likely our final product will not be done Tuesday. I hope all of the other groups had a smoother time than us.

God Bless

A friend in need

Steve kinslow

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