Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Secrets of the Hobbit 3D

We all know the Lord of the Rings and the genius behind the movie empire, Peter Jackson. What we don't always know is the genius inside of Jackson and on the set. However, now we are able to take a sneak preview into this wonderful world of 3D that will be the Hobbit. This should be released sometime in December 2012

On the Hobbit Blog, Peter Jackson's latest post takes viewers on a tour of the set and of how they are shooting the newest edition of this trilogy. He takes us on specific tours of sets cameras, equipment, and many other things.

The first half consists of the obstacle they found shooting the intense action scenes and elaborate CGI scenes of this movie. He explains that the problem with shooting 3D is that you need two cameras. This is because in order achieve the 3D feel that audiences crave, you need to replicate the view of the human eyes and interocular distance between them. This allows for the feeling of being right in the movie. They explain how because of the large size of the lenses they use, it is difficult to get the two cameras to shoot close enough together where the images overlap. So to my surprise, they actually shot one camera straight on and the other camera from above and bounced it off a mirror so that the interocular distance was perfect and the 3D effect was perfect.

Another amazing aspect of this film is the top of the line equipment they are using. Before watching this video I hadn't heard of Red Cameras. I think this is because I have never seen one and they range in price from $10,000-$40,000 a piece. This movie has 48 of them in use everyday!!!!!!!!!! Just think if we had the budget they do and the equipment. I think I speak for everyone to say we would be in heaven. All that aside, whats also amazing is that the resolution that normal HD movies that aren't 3D, are shot in is usually 1080p. But since this is 3D they are shooting in 5k resoulution!!!!! Now thats just unheard of and I almost couldn't believe it. But remember they are using 2 top of line cameras for every shot. This footage is going to be insane to see. They are also shooting with 48 frames per second which is also going to add to the 3D world that this movie will create. The human eye sees in 60 frames per second, so the fact that this movie is so close, this will allow for the clearest, most amazing image on the screen.

Click Here to see video. Sorry couldn't find the embed version.

I cannot wait to see this movie, not because I am a fan of Lord of the Rings, but solely based on the fact that this is going to be one of the greatest 3D viewing experiences much like that of Avatar.

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