Wednesday, November 16, 2011


If anyone were to ask me what my favorite tv show was I would definatley say Supernatural. Supernatural is now on its seventh season and the show is still as good as it was when it first began. Even though the shows front runner Erik Kripke stepped down and is no longer running the show, the production value is still amazing. I am pleseantly surprised that the show has gone this far and that it still is a good show. I'm glad this show hasnt suffered what happens to many shows who have had many seasons which is becoming stale and unteresting. Supernatural however has not failed to keep my interest and I wish that more people watched it. A lot of people brush it off because of it genre which is sci-fi and horror. Unlike the many cheesy horror movies out there Supernatural is about more than the monsters that they have to get rid of during and episode. Supernatural is about the bind between two brothers who struggle with their unstable lifestyle as hunters of all things supernatural. It is a show I recomend everyone to watch because it truly is a good, engaging and all around awesome show.

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