Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Lengths the Cameraman will go to get ONE shot

One of my favorite shows to watch on television that amazes me every single time I watch it, is Planet Earth. The number one question I find myself asking is, how do they get that shot? I find myself fully intrigued in finding out how they get each shot. We never seem to realize what extent these cameraman go through to make Planet Earth as great as it is. As challenging and grueling the work load is I can appreciate how satisfying getting one specific shot could be.

After watching each Planet earth section they go over the most extreme and great expeditions the camera crew went through. The video above shows their quest to Pakistan to find the snow leopard
and the luck they fared when they found a mother and her cub and the hunt to survive. On the DVD, There is another video that is before this clip where a freelance videographer, Doug Allan traveled to Ladakh, in the Himalayas. He began a 3 year quest to find a snow leopard and was after 7 weeks he captured a few very distant shots. He obtained better shots with remote cameras and they he moved and the video shows the rest. It was amazing to me how much sitting time Allan endured and how lucky they truly are to tape these clips of the snow leopard.

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