Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kevin Michael

I first met Kevin when I was a freshmen. I was working on a video workshop film for one of my ICTV producers. My producer said that Kevin was coming into to play the interrogation officer, I had no idea who he was and didn't know what to expect. Surprisingly he was an excellent actor and was very dedicated to the role. I didn't get to exchange words with him since I was a little freshmen and intimidated by almost everything unless someone recognized me.

Since then, I achieved to be a student engineer, working with almost everyone on the technical staff. It's been tough because I only had the chance this year to talk to or work with Kevin. He was hear at 7 AM everyday and I'd always find him as soon as I walked into the building. We'd have a conversation revolving around graphics, which would lead to him saying something funny how he modelled a girl and she's hanging over his desk, and then suddenly shift gears to MLB Network.

Not only did we talk about work but he was always about doing anything for the students. He took time out of his schedule for students. He'd spend hours recovering a file for a project, explain any principle about multi media or technical operations. He was a very big figure for ICTV, Park Students, and the Park School. I only wish I had more time with him, as does everyone else that he's spent time with, but that's how life goes. I will never forget Kevin Michael, his legacy will live on in everyone and we can replace a technical operations worker but we can not replace Kevin.

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